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Who we are

Razzmatazz was born from Vintage HiFi (1996-2017), and continues its activity since the 2017. After the first few years around Italy exhibiting in the most important Electronics Fairs, at the beginning of the 2000s the online sales activity starts, adding to the initial electronic valves, many other electronic items and spare parts.

Razzmatazz is also owner of Bugle Boy trademark, a very well known and sought after audiophile tube brand of the '60s that now has a second life. The project for Bugle Boy tubes is much different from the one followed by others with their "reissue" brands, in fact, apart from a very few types, Bugle Boy tubes come from the vintage era, so Mullard, General Electric, Philips, Brimar, GEC, Osram, Marconi, Reflector, Voskhod, Winged-C, Tesla and many more.

Soundland 11/02/2022: Razzmatazz ceased the last July 2021, now the shop moved to the new company Soundland di Bruno Ceccarelli, click here to enter it!

So welcome, welcome back and thanks for taking a look to our website!